I'm sitting on a plane, headed to Seattle, to catch our flight to
Beijing...thanking God for all who helped this journey a reality!
Funny how before we headed out to bring Micah home, I couldn't blog
enough -- but this time around I am finding myself at a loss for
words. I guess instead of channeling my anxiety into words, I've been
channeling it into cuddles with my sweet Micah. Even as I watch him
sleep next to me on the plane...it's hard to let him be...I so want to
hold him close!
Yet we're so excited to be united with Judah -- but anxious as well.
We've not seen a pic of him or had an update since July. I have no
idea what to expect!! Is he still small, or has he grown? Crawling?
Walking? Talking? What will we find? What will we see when we look
into his eyes?

My stomach is in knots!! But soul is calm...you're prayers are felt!!

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Jamie Jo said...

WOW! I cannot wait to see your first pictures of Martin Party of 4!!! Praying!

"T" said...

see yall in China! And I did not know you could email while in th eair thats good to know:)

Alison said...

YAY!! SO excited for ya'll! Can't wait to see ya'll with sweet Judah!

Rachel said...

I responded on facebook, but not sure if you will get it, so I am trying here.
We used a program from www.bananavpn.com, you just download it on to your computer for about $13 a month, you can cancel it when you come home. It worked great, we could access facebook and blogger everywhere. Hope this info is not to late.
Praying for you all, thinking about you going to where lily is from stirs up lots of emotions.

Kelsie said...

So excited for yall!!
Praying like crazy!!

Anonymous said...

love you. excited. can't wait to see judah as well. hold that sweet micah close and enjoy the last minutes being a family of 3.

praying in birmingham!!!!

the goss family

Greg and Laura said...

Thinking of you all! We felt the same way with the anticipation of meeting Anna ... we were given no update either, so I know just how you are feeling. Praying for you all! Can't wait to see those first pics!!

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