Hanging out in airport, ET-bound

Well, we're about 2 hours from departure...getting more and more
excited. It'll take us about 17 hours to get to Addis (ET is is 9 hrs
ahead of CST). We'll have all-day Sat & Sun to enjoy the
culture...then...we meet Micah Yoseph on Mon.

Our paper work is still in limbo, but at this point we cannot worry
about it. We're going to enjoy this experience, and continue to trust
God with the details!

I'm so overwhelmed (in a good way) too much so to even to share my
thoughts/feelings. The man at the ticket counter asked if we would be
"returning with an infant" and I almost cried...could only shake my
head yes.

We also discovered that a friend from Branson, Andy Braner, is on our
flight (he's taking a group of students to ET). When we were in
Springfield, we went to the Braner's once a month for an adoption
fellowship group. They adopted from Rwanda -- and are adopting from
Rwanda again, and China. What a wonderful surprise & blessing!! We
may be on the same return flight home, too.

Sun night we'll meet up with the Sapps -- they're adopting a 6 year
old girl. They seem like a wonderful family & we're looking forward
to spending the week with them!!

Please continue to pray for our travels, paper work, & amazing
experiences to come!!

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You guys...this is amazing!!!! Hope you had an incredible trip! We are standing in faith with you guys that all will go smoothly!!! Soon you will be home with your new addition...nothing like it in the world!!!

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