Yoseph John Martin

Yup- that's our son's legal name. We received a copy of his Ethiopian birth certificate today!! It was surreal seeing our names listed as 'mother' and 'father' -- the certificate lists our names in both English and Amharic. What a joy!

In Ethiopia, a son has a given first name, but then takes his father's first name as his middle name. (Yes, Vince is John Vincent) -- hence, Yoseph John Martin. We actually contemplated naming Micah 'Micah John' -- but, we decided too many names.

We'll have to re-adopt Micah once he's home. This is legally necessary because we were not present for the adoption proceedings in Ethiopia (AWAA has our power-of-attorney). Once he is re-adopted, he will receive an Alabama birth certificate, and, his final legal name:
Micah Yoseph Martin!!


lori said...

That's more awesome than words could possibly convey! Praise be to God! I hope it's ok, but I embedded your video above in my blog post today.

brittany said...

Loved seeing you write about being listed as mother and father. Thrilled for you! I can't believe you TRAVEL this week!!

Erin McCoy said...

How exciting! May God continue to bless you! :)

DeDeandMatt said...

I hope you don't mind that I have looked at your blog, I found it from a site, from a site, from a site and so on. Funny. Anyways, it was great seeing you two tonight at Singles worship and we are very excited for you to have your son in your arms. He is beautiful. We really loved your video. Grace and peace, DeDe and Matt Lange

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