Headed West

Our trip is coming to an end - we head back to the states tomorrow
night. We've had a wonderful time!

Other than being sick, Micah is doing great and is such a cuddler!
It's amazing how quickly he has accepted up!

Our paper work appeared at the consulate for our appointment, even
thought the visa center still hasn't received it......MIRACLE!!!

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Ethiopia referral received 11/25/08
Waiting for China since 7/31/07


The Gillman Family said...


Yea!!! You are coming home on time!!! I can't wait to hear more about your trip. And wow! What a miracle about the paperwork. Just goes to show that God can do anything he wants - with or without govt. officials :)


lori said...

Praise be to our God who is a God of detail!!! Praying for safe and relaxing travel. Love you guys...all 3 of you! :)


Kari:) said...

MIRACLE!!! We are in awe of God's mighty works in Ethiopia!!! We miss you & wish we could be at the airport WELCOMING you home sweet home!!!
Praying fervently!!!

Jack Lavallet said...

Hey - Vince Alisa and Micah!!!
We are so very happy to see you finally have Micah in your arms!!
I cant believe you are already on your way home. Are you coming in to the Bham airport and if so what what airline and flight number. Maybe we can be there to welcome you ...if you would like. I dont want Micah to feel overwhelmed. We are keeping you in our prayers for a safe and wonderful bonding trip home! Teri, Jack, Aimee and the other Micah!

Lisa Pinkerton said...

We are so glad that you are almost home! Can't wait to see all of you real soon! Kim, Rodney, Spence and Mary Claire are anxiously awaiting your flight in! We pray for safe travels and hope to see you all soon! God is so good and takes care of us all everyday!

The Pinkertons
Cleveland, MS

Jamie Jo said...

Andy said that he got to see y'all again and meet little Micah. I am so jealous! He said that Micha is adorable and that y'all looked so happy! Congratulations! You've been waiting a long time. What a beautiful little blessing God finally gave you!

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