Still No Firm Travel Dates

Sorry to report, we still do not have travel dates -- and, we really have no idea what to expect. We had tickets on hold to leave 3/13, but we had to let them go. We didn't feel confident that our paper work would be ready by then -- and, we didn't want to be tied to one airline carrier -- so we forfeited the purchase. Now we have tickets on hold for 3/20...

Our paper work is slowly progressing. I was able to request that our immigration file be transferred from Kansas City to the Atlanta office (the office that services AL)...one obstacle down!! And, I was able to established correspondence regarding our case with an agent in Atlanta...another plus!!

Now we continue to wait for AL-DHR to forward our home study addendum to Atlanta. We also have been in touch with an influential person here in AL who is helping us with AL-DHR. (Actually, this individual and I were seated at the same table last Saturday during a women's prayer brunch at our church -- when she introduced herself I just wept! That was no coincidence...that was God's sovereignty!!!)

I must say, this has been the most difficult part of our journey thus far (if you can believe that)! Now that Micah is legally ours, it is heart-crushing to be delayed to go get him!!

We are so thankful for God's continued faithfulness...even to the very end of this journey!!


Sherry said...

Alisa - I am praying earnestly for your papework. I know these days are heartwrenching for you. Hold tight to God's promises. He loves you and your precious boy dearly! - Sherry

Clayton & Amber said...

I honestly can not even grasp at what you must feel right now. Yet I marvel at what God continues to do- seating you by this influential woman. We will trust in the name of our mighty GOD and will stand strong with you!

The Gillman Family said...

Amazing that God would place you right next to someone you needed to talk with! We continue to pray it all works out soon so you can travel and bring sweet Micah home.

mrbjbb said...

Wow! That's so awesome about the connection you made at the prayer breakfast. God's timing is PERFECT! Please keep us posted...thinking and praying for you through all this.

Brittnie said...

My heart breaks for you over this delay. I can't imagine the heart ache you are experiencing!. Know that we continue to pray for you all.


Steve and Anna said...

The last bit of the wait and not knowing when it is going to end is so hard! We will keep persevering in prayer with you!

Kari:) said...

Alisa & Vince,
our hearts are with you!! We are praying for paperwork miracles!
I can't imagine how difficult this must be for your hearts!!
Just get on that plane soon
love you lots,

jennyhope said...

He is so precious!! I have prayed this afternoon that the Lord will allow you to hold him soon. I can't even imagine the wait!

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