It's coming together...

God is good!!

Tickets are booked!!
We head to DC on the 19th, and then to Ethiopia on the 20th!!! We plan leave Ethiopia on the 27th, and arrive in Birmingham on the 28th.

Did you notice 'plan' was italicized???

Here's why: USCIS has agreed to expedite our paper work to the consulate, but some families have had a hiccup with the visa office. If we encounter the same problem, we could be delayed a week or so for our return home. We're not too panicked though-- most countries require that adoptive families remain in-country for 2-6 weeks anyway...so if we make it home in 8-16 days, AWESOME!! (But 8 days would be most excellent -- Vince needs to get back to work)

I feel like I have so much to do, yet feel very calm at the same time (maybe that's because I've been packing since January!!).

Stephanie Hall, who is in Ethiopia right now, called me yesterday morning. I actually hung-up on her three times because I couldn't understand the woman announcing her call (she sounded Hispanic, but she was actually Ethiopian -- duh). The Halls will possibly be delayed returning home due to the visa issue I explained above....PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM TO COME HOME SOON! I know they are having a wonderful time, but I know they need to come home. Her call was brief, but she did tell me how sweet our Micah is!!

We’ll try to update from ET by blog, facebook, twitter & email as internet is available!

Prayer Requests:
▪for God to be honored because of His loving-kindness & faithfulness
Safe travel/safe food; no missing luggage
▪that our bonding with Micah (and him with us) would be natural & immediate
▪as first-time parents: that we’ll know what to do!!!
▪USCIS/consulate paper work
▪And…what ever else the Holy Spirit brings to your mind!!!

Check back -- I'll post again before we leave!!

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Anonymous said...

I am SO excited that everything is coming together & that you're leaving NEXT WEEK!!! YAY!! We will definitely be praying for all the details to come together & for you guys to be able to return home as planned on the 28th. Can't wait to see pictures & hear all your stories!

Rachel Setliffe

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