Kind Hearts...and China...UPDATES

Many gracious THANK-YOU'S to everyone who participated in the Kind Hearts Mother's Day fund-raiser!! Together, we raised over $1400 (plus $250 already in the fund) toward a playground for the children at KH!!! I mailed 116 cards to over 30 states! Amazing!! Vince & I are still committed to reaching the playground-goal of $2800! We'll keep you posted about other fundraising opportunities, and the playground progress!!

UPDATE 5/7/2010: WE'VE RAISED OVER $1500!!!

So what's new with our China process?
Um. Well. Nothing.
You got it!! We're still waiting for our AL background check (began the process early Feb). Crazy. Background checks in MO were completed in 48-72 hrs...but we're past 48-72 DAYS!! Why is it taking so long? The Lord only knows! Seriously. Vince and I have complete faith that God is sovereign over every aspect of this adoption -- and for whatever, reason He's allowing/causing our background checks to linger. We'll see our sweet Judah's face when the time is right. Not a moment sooner. But, not a moment later either! I get so frustrated with the process, because inefficiency drives me crazy -- but in the same breath, I'm cherishing every moment with Micah...while it's just me & him!!!

Speaking of Micah, Vince is traveling to Lond*n this summer for mission work. And, we're praying about Micah and I traveling with the team. We'd really, really love to go! And, it's actually a trip where Micah & I would have the opportunity to do ministry/evangelism with another family. But, with pending adoption expenses that we're saving for, the trip would really be a huge, financial stretch. But I trust completely that God's ability far surpasses what feels like a seemingly, impossible situation!!!

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