I forgot to mention this in my previous post...something that I believe was a gift from God!

This morning when I woke up (and after fighting the yuck in my stomach because I realized we did not get our late night-early morning referral call), I could hear that Micah was awake too. So I went to get him out of bed. First order of business is always a cuddle, then a dry diaper. As I was changing his diaper, Micah started saying something. Well, he was actually singing something -- but it took me a minute to catch on.

One of the very first songs I ever sang to Micah was Amazing Grace. I still sing it to him almost daily, before naps or even when we just need to wind-down. And sometimes he even sings the last word of each line with me.

Well, this morning, I realized he was singing Amazing Grace to me! Completely unprompted! And he sang, almost verbatim, the six verses that I sing to him. He has never done that before...with any song!!

Just what I needed...amazing grace...thank you, Jesus!

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Alison said...

Hey Alisa and Vince! We met Vince's parents tonight, and they told us about your blog! My husband was the guest pastor at their home church tonight, and he shared with the congregation that we have just started the process to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia! After the service, Vince's parents came and met us, and told us all about Micah (We saw pics too! He is a doll!) and about your journey to Judah too! So excited for ya'll! I am going to be following your journey! Love your blog! So nice to "meet" ya'll! Our blog is www.lovinmuch.blogspot.com!

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