pregnancy test?

NO!! I do not think I am pregnant...nor have I taken a pregnancy test...but a negative pregnancy test is a good metaphor for what this week has been like, as we wait to be matched with Judah.

My previous post said that we were close to being matched with Judah...and we likely still are close...but it just hasn't happened yet.

The CCAA updates their Waiting Children list every month -- and May's update was announced this week. And so far, no match for the Martin family. And, knowing that families are being matched--just not our's--well, feels like seeing the one, lonely line on a drugstore pregnancy test.

Why have we not been matched yet? Especially since over 60% of the children on the list are boys? Only God knows. One possibility is the age of child we're hoping to be matched with--a boy younger than Micah--at least 12-months old, or younger.

We hope to get some insight from our agency next week. And, we hope to hear about the little boys who are still on the list. After all, God's plans for our family may be very different than what our finite minds are anticipating (usually works that way!)

Behold, the former things have come to pass,
and new things I now declare;
before they spring forth
I tell you of them.”
Isa 42:9

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Greg and Laura said...

I know how ya feel! It took 6 months for us to be matched with Anna. Your chances are much better for a shorter wait though, since you are waiting for a boy! There is a great yahoo group out there where they advocate for waiting children from the shared list...they also post pics of the kiddos currently waiting on the list...it's AdvocateforWC · AdvocateforWaitingChildren. Also, don't forget about the chance at being matched after a file comes off hold...I talked to a lot of people that were matched more than a week after the list came out when some of the kids were became available again.

We're praying for you guys!!

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