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Kind Hearts Mother's Day card fundraiser...UPDATE!!!

You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor... Deut 15:5

I'm so excited to share that - together - we've raised almost $1400 toward playground equipment for the precious children at Kind Hearts, Ethiopia!! (Almost $1200 from Mother's Day fundraiser, $100 from Project Martin t-shirts, and $150 from another donor!!)

The total amount needed for Kind Hearts' playground is $2800 -- so $1400 to go!!!

Thus far, over 100 cards are going to be mailed all over the country...celebrating the amazing women in our lives, AND, raising awareness for orphaned and destitute children in Ethiopia!!!

It's NOT TOO LATE to join in...you, too, can celebrate a mother....and bless a child!!!

Use the paypal button on the right to make a donation for Kind Hearts (100% of you donation will go to KH!!) -- tell me who/where to send the card, and who you'd like for me to list as the donor who is honoring this special woman!! I'll mail the cards on Mon, May 3rd.

I value all things only by the price they shall gain in eternity- John Welsey

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Apryl said...

I'm blown away by how wonderful this was! A great idea Alisa--it was a blessing to know that our mothers are getting something meaningful this year. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the initiative and doing this!

Still amazed at how well it did!

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