food dye intolerance?

If you have experience with this phenomenon, I'd love to hear from you! I am beginning to think Micah possibly has an intolerance to food dyes. Lately, there have been times when his behavior is out of control. I've been trying to blame it on the terrible-two's, but both Vince and I became convinced today that there had to be another culprit. That's when I remembered some other adoptive mom's talking about the effects of food dyes on their children.

Micah's diet is fairly healthy/natural (no candy!!), but...Publix recently had a certain brand of yogurt bye-one-get-one-free, which I purchased. The yogurt looks and tastes like candy, which I thought was ridiculous to begin with -- I had already decided not to purchase that variety again. But tonight I decided to check-out the ingredients, and...bingo!

So, I did some quick research...out of curiosity. Sure enough, the two most suspicious food dyes are in this yogurt!!


Please, let me know if there are other foods that I need to be on the look-out for!! I want my son back!


Robin said...

Yes, my cousin was very allergic to both corn and food dyes. It made him EXTREMELY hyper. He was diagnosed as a boy and it is something they can possibly outgrow, which my cousin did. My Aunt had to shop at health food stores, and even then couldn't buy a lot of it because of the corn allergy (virtually everything manufactured has some form of corn in it and a lot of dyes). I'd be happy to get more information for you, as well.

Alison said...

One of my good friends has a little boy who was allergic to red food dye. It made him extremely hyperactive...once she took it out of his diet, she noticed a huge difference!

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