news about Judah?

Many of you have asked if we've received any updates on Judah -- and, we have not. I'm not sure when to expect an update either. But it definitely won't be before we receive our RA (referral approval). We've been waiting 21 days for our RA (the average wait time being 45-60 days).

Once we receive our RA from Ch*na, then we will be able to request an update on Judah, as well as send him a care-package. For Micah, we were able to send care-packages with other families traveling to Ethiopia to pick-up their children. This was because, in Ethiopia, children who are being adopted go into the care of the placing-agency. This is not the case in Ch*na. Judah will remain in his orphanage.

And with China, it's highly unusual for families to visit the orphanages. So, we will have to use an agency like Blessed Kids, or Red Thread to send him something (cost is $20-100+...yikes). It is a bit pricey, but something we really want to do! Especially since we'll miss Judah's 1st birthday. Plus, we want Judah to see pics of us before Gotcha Day!

We will share more when we're able! We are excited to tell you more about him! In the meantime, we would cherish your prayers...here are a few requests!!

  • Judah: his health, his eating; pray that the Lord give us favor with our son on the very 1st day that we meet him, so he would not feel anxious or fearful! For his care-givers. For his birth family (no, we no nothing about them).
  • Micah: everyday he tells me he wants to go to China; he tells me the things he's going to share with and teach Judah; he loves to go an play in 'Judah's room' and prays for him often throughout the day; pray that the Lord would give Judah & Micah favor with one-another; that their brotherhood would develop quickly & deeply.
  • Alisa: the anxiety of going from one to two children; wisdom & grace to meet Judah's needs (he will not know English, and when he does learn, his cleft will impair his speech).
  • Vince: how to balance his ministry with adding a new child to our family, especially since Judah will have several surgeries and therapy the first year he is home with us.
  • Finances: we have a large sum we will owe very soon; we have two fundraisers planned for Sept; if we could complete Judah's adoption before Dec 31st we will be able to apply for our adoption tax-refund in 2011 (otherwise, we'll have to wait until 2012); the tax-refund will help us pay-off adoption debt sooner & cover co-pays/out-of-pocket med expenses

Psalm 144
12 May our sons in their youth
be like plants full grown,
our daughters like corner pillars
cut for the structure of a palace;
13 may our granaries be full,
providing all kinds of produce;
may our sheep bring forth thousands
and ten thousands in our fields;
14 may our cattle be heavy with young,
suffering no mishap or failure in bearing; may there be no cry of distress in our streets!
15 Blessed are the people to whom such blessings fall!
Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD!


Alison said...

Will be praying for ya'll!

Polly said...

Thanks for sharing these prayer requests. I will be lifting up each one. Can't wait to see this precious baby boy.

Carolyn said...

Praying for you guys....Is there any way we can send him something from here so you don't have to pay someone to do it? (We could at the very least print out photos and mail them if you can get your hands on an address.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alisa, my name is Meghan Benitez...Scott McDonald and his wife passed along your blog info to us. We have recently applied for adoption in China, and possibly Ethiopia, so they graciously passed on your information to help our family along this journey. I'm following your blog so I wanted to introduce myself so you wouldn't wonder who this stranger was;)
We will certainly be praying for your family!

Meghan Benitez

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