us is 'those'!

Our family got to mingle with those families--at least for today! (read previous post to know what in the world I'm talking about)

We received our pre-approval for Judah's adoption today...day 13 of waiting! One day earlier than the estimated time-frame of 2-4weeks!! Very exciting! And, very humbling (since I was such a whiner last night).

We still have a long road of paper work & approvals ahead before we can bring Judah home. We still have to wait for our official referral approval and then travel approval...looking at about 4-5 months-total. Crazy. I know. Welcome to the world of Hague adoptions. We'd love to go get him before the end of the year, but that most likely, will take a miracle.

Changing subjects...

Micah had his 2-year check-up today. We are very excited to report that he's now in the 95th percentile for height, and off the charts in verbal skills. Our Dr just kind of sat in awe, watching and listening to Micah today -- he, of all people, understands how far our sweet boy has come!

Much to be thankful for!!


Alison said...

So glad that ya'll are one of "those" families! Praise God! Another step closer to Judah!!

Greg and Laura said...

I had a feeling it was coming!! Praying the rest of your "A's" come super quick!

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