remaining t-shirts...LET'S SELL 'EM!!

** UPDATE! Only 3 t-shirts to go! See remaining sizes/colors below! Thank you!!

OK, we have 14 adoption t-shirts left to sell! They are $25 each! We can raise $350 toward our next adoption fee if we can sell them ALL!!

Here's what we have:

1 small
1 medium

1 large

The t-shirts are a unisex slim-fit. You can order yours using the Paypal "DONATE" button on the right (specify color and size) -- or, leave a message if you'd like to send a check instead!


Erin McCoy said...

whichever that dark blue (gray looking one is) we want the large :)... and i'll paypal you unless paypal takes a cut.. otherwise i'll bring a check to church :)

alisa said...

Great! U got the last one!! Paypal takes a very small %, but pay which ever way yo prefer! Email me you address and & drop it in the mail tomorrow!

Chris and Anna said...

I would like to order a shirt. just let me know where i need to send the check. Tahiti-Medium

It has been neat to follow your blog for a while. Our hearts share a passion for Ethiopia and East Asia as well. We have two sons from Eth and are about to return to EA. So happy for you all and this next journey!!

alisa said...

Chris & Anna!
Would love for you to have a tee!!! Email me your address and I'll put your shirt in the mail this week! When I get your email, I'll email you our address as well -- hate to leave it here. Do you have a blog? If there's a link from your comment, it must be broken.

alisa said...

oops! you can email me at alisafmartin@yahoo.com

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