What's Next...

We have tentative travel dates to pick-up Micah for 3/13-3/21, but...

Since we moved to a different state during our adoption, we continue to jump though hoops. Let me explain:

-because we changed states and jobs, we had to update our home study reflecting these changes (verifying that we still meet the requirements for our adoption -- meet requirements to be parents???...oh, I better not go there; too much to do right now)
-our home study update must be submitted to USCIS, so they are aware of our changes
-once USCIS receives our updated home study, they will notify the visa office, who will then notify the consulate in Ethiopia...once all these offices are in 'the loop', we're good to go
-BUT...our home study is currently at AL's DHR...and, we're not sure how long they'll keep it...ugh

Confused?? Not me!!! BTDT too many times!! And, I am more than willing to assist each of these agencies with their part of the process (uh oh, this could get, well, let's just say 'sticky'...Lord, give me grace).

Anyway, thus far we've not had to purchase our airline tickets. We've been able to keep them on hold through our travel agent, but now that we're so close to travel, we may have to go ahead and purchase them anyway. We do receive a reduced reschedule fee because we're adopting, but, nonetheless hopefully we will not have to reschedule too many times.

Pray with us for favor with g'ment officials to expedite our case so MICAH CAN COME HOME!


small world said...

I said a prayer for you just now that God will give you mercy and favor! I do understand these hang ups. The battle is not over yet, but you will win because God already ordained it! Your baby is precious. I love the video! So sweet.
Love, Theresa

em_01 said...

Vince & Alisa,

I am praying for God to continue to move mountains on your behalf! Please let me know, if there is ANYTHING I can do to help!!

God Bless You!

Emily Shellhorn

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