The Blackwell's returned safely home with their precious Rae this week!!! Let me just tell you-- she is a doll!! And, oh, what a surprise did they have for us!!!

Lots-n-lots of pictures of our boy!!!

We haven't seen an recent picture of him in almost a month....ohhhh, he is getting so big...and he's soooo handsome!!! And, quite serious looking...my sweet little contemplative boy! Oh, what fun we will have as we discover & reason together God's creation and purpose for life!!!!

Oh, to see my dear friend playing with our son...sugar for my mommy heart!
Thank you, Kelly!!!


Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

Alisa that is great! Can't wait to see those updated pics soon!! Praying tonight for you.

Betsy said...

What a wonderful encouragement from our gracious Lord, RIGHT when you needed it. Hooray! We're still praying!!

Kari:) said...

Ohhhhh yaayyy Blackwells. What a treasure for you & Vince.
Any news today??
We are praying!!!!
love you

E said...

Precious pictures!!! That's fantastic.

I also had a comment for your post yesterday, which was erased when my computer died. I just want to let you know that I know it hurts, imagining those precious moments passing...however, you will have moments. We can never "get back" those missed moments, but you and Vince will have many, many moments with your boy. Abel was 7 months at referral & 3 days before his 1 year b-day when he got home. We missed so much! But, God has given us so much, too!!! The blessings run deeper than the hurts and our God is so generous - His grace & mercy are sufficient. I pray He'll cover you in both!

Looking forward to seeing your precious boy in your arms and praying for God's peace to fill you heart until that happens! Praying for God to speed you to your boy!


Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

We had too much fun with Micah!!! I don't say this flippantly, but you all will be so blessed by this little boy. Love you guys!!!

Jamie Jo said...

He is SO beautiful! His gorgeous skin and his big brown eyes. Congratulations Vince & Alisa! Your boy is yours!!! I cannot wait until you hold him!

Lewis said...

Congrats on passing court. We're all so excited for you!

Jamie said...

Our God is AWESOME!! What a doll you have. I am so happy for you two, you will be great parents, I'm sure. By the way I just noticed that our boy is just about two weeks older than Micah.

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