So, how about a re-cap??

07/05- run into a dozen families in the Hong Kong airport, returning to the states with their Chinese baby girls…the seed is planted

06/06- begin to research adoption agencies

08/06- attend an America World Adoption Association seminar in Springfield, MO

11/06- apply/accepted into AWAA’s China adoption program

01/07- begin our home study for our China adoption

04/07- hand-deliver our completed home study to USCIS for immigration approval; get finger-printed (KC, MO)

06/07- receive approval letter from USCIS to adopt from China

07/07- send dossier to China; receive ‘log in date’ (LID)

10/07- China approves waiting families to pursue concurrent adoptions because of increasing wait

11/07- apply/accepted with AWAA to adopt concurrently

12/07- apply/accepted with AWAA to adopt from Ethiopia

01/08- update home study for our Ethiopia application

02/08- request & receive update with USCIS to adopt from Ethiopia

03/08- send dossier to Ethiopia

04/08- update home study for China adoption (update annually)

06/08- get re-fingerprinted for USCIS (update every 15 mos)

11/08- receive & accept our referral for Baby Martin (Ethiopia)

12/08- update Ethiopia home study & apply to extend immigration approval with USCIS (update every 18 mos)

12/08- job change/relocate to Birmingham, AL

01/09- apply to a new social service agency & update Ethiopia home study (3rd time) for relocation

02/09- 1st & 2nd court appearances in Ethiopia

I didn’t include all the MANY minor details, and I’m sure I omitted some major ones as well…but, I think you get the picture.


Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

can't wait for you to write "travel to Ethiopia to bring Baby Martin HOME" - we're praying for you! (now actually is my hour)

CousinKarat said...

It will ALL have been worth it. Still praying. Wish I could be a fly on the wall the first time you reach down to touch him with your very own hands.

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