Although, we continue 'the wait' for our son -- this week has been a good week. God has placed within my heart a resolve to joyfully anticipate His great blessings!! As I have reflected on the details of court, while contemplating my deepest and most private prayers (of my life) prior to court, I clearly see how God answered me on a very intimate level.
It was very scary for me to acknowledge this deepest need (really having nothing to do with our adoption) as I anticipated court, because until now I have been able to stifle it. I had avoided coming face-to-face with God on this issue for one simple reason: rejection.

But, friend, let me proclaim: I WAS NOT rejected.

God streched our His arm, not to fend me off, but to draw me ever so close. Oh, maybe one day I will be able to share this week's spiritual journey in a not-so-mysterious way, but for now I will continue to "treasure up all these things, pondering them in my heart'.

The most important truth I have learned is that God will. I do not know when, but I now know that He will.

For those who'd like greater insight regarding our experience in court this week (and what is to come), AWAA recently posted a great article on their blog: Integrity in Ethiopia. It explains more in-depth the complexity of International Adoption.

AND, last night at church we met a precious Ethiopian couple!!! (Actually, they are from Eritrea, but considered themselves Ethiopians -- these two nations have complex history with one another). We only spoke with them briefly because they had to pick-up their children, but we can't wait to get to know them better!!!
The wife came to the States as an infant, but did return to Eritrea with her family for a short period during her childhood. Her husband was actually adopted by a US Caucasian family!! He said it was a wonderful experience, and has since been reunited with his bio family, as well. We shared with them about our adoption, and how much we love & respect Ethiopian culture/people!!! And they just beamed -- you can tell they are very proud of their heritage! They also told us they want to be first in line to babysit Little Martin! I know this family will be a precious gift to us in the seasons to come!! I can't wait to spend more time with them & soak-in all their stories & experiences...and, maybe, even learn the art of making injera!!!


Ethiopia...part of our world said...

You are in my thought and prayers! I am so glad you got another court date in Feb. I know how you are feeling, but when you hold him in your arms this wait will melt away.

The Gillman Family said...


I can't wait to hear all the details of this week! You are right God Will! Without fail He will! Love and miss you both!

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