Time To Be a Big Girl

OK, so after our court news yesterday, I was completely unproductive!! Deserved, right? Well, today it's time to be a big girl and get back to life...ah, but easier said than done. I don't quite have the wind back in my sails.

On another note, we are able to send a Valentine happy to our son with the Blackwells. Kelly & Kevin leave this week-end to pick-up their daughter Rahel (yeah!!). We sent him a card that plays a James Taylor tune, and a toy-cell phone that allowed us to record a message with our voices.

Awwwwwww...when is the baby coming home?????
Don't you know that 1 year for you = 7 years for me!!!


E said...

Your journey has been so long - starting with China and everything from there to here. I'm praying you'll soon hear some very good news and be on your way to your little one!


Kari:) said...

We are praying for mighty miracles!!! Love your post & photo today!!! WE are holding your hands!!

Ruthie said...

What a neat gift to send to your son. We are praying that you pass court on the 16th. Looking back on the delays and frustrations waiting for Zeke, I have to admit that the timing of going over and bringing him home was absolutely perfect in so many ways. Of course, we would've given our right arms to get him sooner but God knew what was best for Zeke and us. *big hugs*

CousinKarat said...

You don't have to be made of steel. Still praying. Sending hugs. You are, by the way, with some of your posts and responses to things encouraging me in ways you do not know about. Hoping to send some encouragement back. Hang in. Surley the 16th will be a little bit of a late Happy Valentine.

Love the Dog. Love it!

Kelly said...

I can't wait to hug on baby Martin!! Love you guys!!!!

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