from Psalm 49,
Why Should I Fear in Times of Trouble?

verse 3..."My mouth shall speak wisdom"-- even when the outcome of my circumstances is undetermined, and even when the desires of my heart are delayed, I will seek to make sense of it all only by God's wisdom

..."the meditation of my heart shall be understanding"-- I will only be satisfied to view my life through God's eyes...I will rest in God's promises

verse 4..."I will incline my ear to a proverb"-- I will only seek God's counsel and God's comfort, instead of being driven to despair by man's opinion and hopelessness

..."I will solve my riddle to the music of the lyre."-- I will chose 'thankfulness' at all times; I will sing and dance as my Heavenly Father sanctifies my faith, because His love is perfect

verse 5..."Why should I fear in times of trouble?" I shouldn't. I am loved by the Father, redeemed by His Son, and protected by His Holy Spirit


Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

I love those truths!

mrbjbb said...

Thinking about you guys as the big day approaches...
Missy and Brad

Stephanie said...

I just noticed on one of your emails that you have a blog! So glad I can keep up with you guys this way too! We have one with our adoption journey also. I will send you the access email because it is now private only.

Praying for the three of you!!!

Kelly said...

MARTINS!!! I held precious Micah!!! What a gift, you two!!! He is an amazing little boy.... so content and laid back. Be on the "lookout" for an invitation today!!! Love you guys much!!!

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